Meditation, relaxation and rest,

the key to inner peace.

Working implies investing physical and/or mental effort; effort that, when invested repeatedly or sustainedly, results in high levels of fatigue and stress, requiring a rest to replenish exhausted energies. Working until physical or mental exhaustion can lead to chronic health problems (stress, cardiovascular diseases) and labor problems (absenteeism due to illness, accidents at work, low performance, high employee turnover and interpersonal conflicts, among others).
The body and mind are the first to send us signals of accumulated fatigue, and recovery is an inherent need of our limited capacity as human beings.
When we talk about recovery from stress, we refer to resting from the factors that generate such stress. Recovery can be understood as a positive process that reduces the negative consequences of fatigue. From a physiological perspective, rest from work reduces and prevents the accumulation of exhaustion and stress that leads to deterioration of health. From a psychological perspective, it restores our resources and energies, preparing us for current or new work demands.

Correct and timely rest helps us to maintain our inner and mental peace.

Nowadays we have little time to rest due to the great amount of obligations assumed. Finding inner peace is fundamental for our well-being. Inner peace is a subjective sensation of well-being, it is impalpable but very real since it fills us with a deep tranquility. It is a state in which we free ourselves from our main worries, fears, stress and suffering. It means being aware of the wonders of life and feeling fully connected with the universe and with ourselves.
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Meditate and relieve your stress and anxiety...

If stress causes you to be anxious, tense and worried, consider practicing meditation. Spending even just a few minutes in meditation can help you regain your calm and inner peace.


Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health. You can also use it to relax and deal with stress by focusing your attention on something that calms you. Meditation can help you learn to stay centered and maintain inner peace.
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Accompany your vacation with your well-deserved moments of relaxation.

At Éteka you will have the opportunity to enjoy not just a simple vacation, but well- deserved moments of rest, relaxation and meditation. Meeting with nature and yourself will fill you with inner peace, and improve that feeling of anxiety that perhaps the day to day has brought you. It’s time to connect with your soul and give you that well-deserved rest that you have been postponing for months.
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