Live the Éteka experience experience with our

Only 7 minutes from Cartagena

en lancha ida
y regreso

Round trip boat

Cóctel de
con licor

Welcome cocktail
with liquor

1 toalla
por persona
por día

1 towel per person
per day

Uso de las playas
semi - privadas e
instalaciones del lounge

Use of the semi - private
beaches and lounge facilities

Experiencia gastrónomica
de tres tiempos: (Entrada, plato fuerte y postre)

3 - course gastronomic experience:
(appetizer, main course and dessert).

Dj en vivo
los sábados
(Música Chill out)

Live DJ on Saturdays
Chill out music

Select from more than 20 different of different plates

*Includes vegan and vegetarian options.

Valor por persona

Value per person

$350.000 COP

Menores de 12 años admitidos solamente para reservas grupales.
Children under 12 years old admitted only for group reservations.

*El plato fuerte incluido es a la carta, aplica solo para valores iguales o inferiores a 80.000 COP. Si tú plato fuerte excede este valor, puedes pagar la diferencia correspondiente. *La entrada y el postre son a sugerencia del chef. *Hay dos áreas VIP que tienen costo adicional para reservarlas: el mirador y el deck de mallas en zona playa * The main course included is á la carte, it applies only for values equal to or less than 80,000 COP. If your main dish exceeds this value, you can pay the corresponding difference. *The appetizer and dessert will be at the chef’s suggestion. *There are two VIP areas that have an additional cost to reserve them: the viewpoint tower and the mesh deck in the beach area