Find your own rhythm

We are a boutique hotel in Cartagena with 10 rooms & slow beach lounge.
We have 4 ocean view suites, 3 Junior Suites and 3 standard rooms. The maximum capacity of the hotel in multiple accommodations is 40 people (4 in each room). If the group you are traveling with is more than 4 people, they must take at least two rooms.
Our Slow Beach Lounge is designed for people who want to enjoy the Éteka experience only for the day (we tell you more about this service in the DAYPASS section).
Many of you may have wondered why we call it SLOW BEACH? Well, at Éteka we are firm believers in the “Slow Life” cultural movement that promotes slowing down the fast pace of life, emphasizing the importance of FINDING OUR OWN PACE and not falling into the pressure of immediacy. The Slow Life movement prioritizes activities that seek the holistic development of the human being, such as walking on the beach, taking a trip for pleasure, turning off the cell phone, sharing with our loved ones, meditating, resting, etc.

At Éteka we believe that the greatest luxury is to connect with nature, take off your shoes, enjoy good food and excellent service and excellent service.

We are a hotel designed with organic, unpretentious architecture and free spirits in mind.

If you are looking for a structure built with conventional materials, sumptuous facilities and party atmosphere, unfortunately we are not the place for you.

We have built a space designed to find the rhythm of your soul, disconnecting from the stress of everyday life and connecting with the essence of your being.

The calm of nature, the sound of the waves, the breeze, the delicious gastronomic proposal we have to offer and the good vibes of our staff, will make you never want to leave.