Entry and exit policies

For Lodging:

  • CHECK-IN: Contact the following WhatsApp via message to reserve your check-out time and/or manage your existing reservation +573242048785, remember that check-out times are 10:00 AM, 10:30 AM, 11:00 AM and 11:30 AM.

  • CHECK-OUT: The room must be delivered before 12:00 PM on the day your stay ends.

For Day Pass:

  • MAXIMUM DEPARTURE TIME: The last boat will depart at 05:00 PM on the day your tour ends.
Note 1: Official identification is required for all guests at time of check-in.
Note 2: The hotel is not responsible for the personal belongings of guests/guests in the hotel facilities, departures and arrivals, nor for luggage and other belongings, which must be under the strict care and permanent surveillance of each user.
Note 3: In case the guest does not check-out at the indicated time, he/she will be fined THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS ($300,000) Colombian pesos (or its equivalent in dollars) for each half hour of delay in the delivery of the room.

Reservation policies and payment methods

To book a stay through our contact numbers, the user must make a first payment equivalent to 50% of the total number of nights reserved. The remaining value of the stay and consumptions may be paid directly at the front desk in cash, debit card or credit card and/or electronically through the link provided by our hotel for this purpose.
In the case of reservations for the excursion service, the user must make a first payment equivalent to 100% of the reserved quotas, including the other services or additional consumptions desired for the program.
All payments to be made for the payment of reservations of stays and tours may be made at the following link: and/or through the means established in the web pages of booking services outside the hotel (Booking and Expedia).
Note 1: Only those reservations for stay and / or day trip in which the user sends a copy of the payment made, reservation number, dates booked, name and identification of the holder of the reservation, which must be addressed to the mail will be valid:, which is the only one authorized for this purpose. This condition will be mandatory for the validity of the reservation when it is made directly through the hotel’s website.
Note 2: In the cases in which it is required to quote and schedule the celebration of a special event in our hotel, the only email enabled for this purpose is This email will only be enabled to respond to requests of this nature.
Note 3: In no case will the hotel be responsible when customers, guests and/or internships send their requests to an email address other than those previously registered, depending on the type of service contracted. Therefore, it will be the full responsibility of the user to confirm their reservations under the conditions indicated.
Note 4: In case the booking is not made directly on our page or authorized whatsApp contact number but through another booking service provider, the above step should not be performed by the user.

Policy on minors

Children under (12) years of age are not accepted.
All minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult, who must prove their status and present the documents required by law for this purpose, regardless of whether they are parents, relatives or authorized persons (web link: see here our policies for minors entering the hotel).
Any minor authorized to enter the hotel will have an additional cost according to seasonal prices.
Note: Minors under (12) years of age will only be accepted in the hotel when making group reservations of more than 20 people, provided that they take all the rooms of the hotel under the modality of “FULL HOUSE” or when hiring private events, and for this purpose must inform in the reservation how many minors will accompany the reservation, and must enter all the information in the hotel records intended for this purpose.

Warranty Policy

Arrival at the hotel cannot take place after 5:00 PM because access to the hotel requires a special transportation that is prohibited for its operation according to the restrictions imposed by the DIMAR. Therefore, if the guest schedules his arrival after the maximum time indicated, he will lose the deposit made for that night, without the right to reimbursement and without the possibility of rescheduling the night.
In case of guaranteeing your reservation by credit or debit card, the cardholder must be present at the hotel during check-in to sign the voucher, otherwise, the cardholder must fill out a form authorizing the charge for the amount of the first night, attaching a copy of the credit card and identification.
Note 1: An arrival time after 5:00 PM may be arranged, provided that such service is available for that day (depending on weather conditions and authorizations granted by the competent entity) and that there is express written confirmation from the hotel in the reservation, to use the transportation at the time requested by the guest.
Note 2: Request card charge authorization form by e-mail or telephone.

Cancellation and refund policies

In case of cancellation of a reservation for lodging without just cause by the user, after the first payment has been made without complying with the hotel’s policies for such purpose, it is understood that such amount WILL NOT BE REFUNDABLE, except for the exceptions established herein.
Cancellations made by users of the day trip service on the reservation WILL NOT BE REFUNDABLE under any circumstances, with the following exceptions.
Note 1: The initial payment for the reservation will only be refundable when the reservation is cancelled by applying the right of withdrawal in accordance with the provisions of Article 47 of Law 1480 of 2011. In that sense, if five (5) days after the payment has been made and the reservation is cancelled, the money will not be refundable under any circumstances.
Note 2: Payments made in cash may be made in U.S. dollars and/or Colombian pesos according to the fixed exchange rate adopted by our hotel at that time.
Note 3: There will be no room for cancellation or rescheduling of the reservation when the guest is already at the hotel and / or enjoying its services. In the event that this occurs, the value paid for the reservation up to that moment will be lost, even if the contracted services have not been fully enjoyed; except in the case of force majeure events such as natural disasters, hurricanes, etc., where the reservation may be rescheduled according to the established term but not cancelled.
Note 4: In the event that on the day and time of the reservation, the holder does not show up at the hotel at the check-in time, the reservation will be considered cancelled. If after this time the holder and/or his companions show up, the availability of the hotel will be reviewed, in order to make a new reservation with the conditions that may apply; but if there is no availability, the hotel is exempt from any liability taking into account the non-attendance of the holder at the time of the reservation initially reported and there will be no claim or compensation whatsoever.

Reservation modification or rescheduling policies

If you must reschedule for any reason, we will hold your credit for a maximum term of six (6) months from the day the deposit was made and you will be able to reschedule within that period depending on availability at the hotel.
If you modify your reservation partially (in which you reduce the number of nights previously booked or the number of rooms reserved to be used) you must pay 50% of the nights you booked and did not use, as long as it is done seven (7) days prior to the date of the stay.
In the case of the day trip service, it may only be rescheduled in those cases in which the user does so seven (7) days prior to the date of the stay, provided that the rescheduling does not exceed thirty (30) days after the initially scheduled date and according to hotel availability.
Note 1: You may incur additional charges for rate differences, especially if you wish to reschedule in high season.
Note 2: If within the maximum time limit to reschedule the reservation the hotel availability does not match the booker’s schedule, the deposit will be forfeited.
Note 3: There will be no place to reschedule the reservation when it is made less than seven (7) days prior to the date of the stay, so in this case the person who booked the reservation will be obliged to take the service for the time and rooms initially reserved or lose the deposit made.
Note 4: There will be no place for the transfer of the deposit in favor of a third party, when the transfer is made less than seven (7) days prior to the date of the stay, nor will it apply when the transfer is made as a consequence of a change to the reservation that implies a decrease in the number of nights or rooms.

Billing Policy

If an invoice is required, it must be requested no later than the day of departure. Such invoice must be reviewed by the applicant to verify that the information is correct at the time it is delivered printed or received in the mail, since no invoices will be issued or corrections will be made to them after the guest’s departure.
If you booked on our website or through any online travel agency, the rate per night on your invoice will be displayed for the amount obtained by averaging the rates applicable during your stay, not altering the total amount payable agreed at the time of generating your reservation.
Note 1: No claims will be accepted on charges, penalties, fines, nor on check-in values after check-out from the hotel by the guest.
Note 2: This establishment suggests to its users a gratuity corresponding to 10% of the value of the service or product purchased, which will be settled in Colombian pesos, which may be accepted, rejected or modified according to the valuation of what was received; but in any case, the value of the gratuity granted must be stated in the respective invoice issued (Law 1935 of 2018).
Note 3: Once the tip is accepted and paid by the user, having been duly informed of the amount to be paid in the invoice issued, there will be no room for withdrawal or request for reimbursement of the tip, since any money collected for this concept is distributed solely and exclusively among the persons involved in the chain of services.

Disciplinary policies for groups and guests in general

In case of groups, it is necessary to have a strict control of the same since we are a tourist and rest hotel. It is of utmost importance to communicate to each of the members of the group before their arrival and that our guests in general are aware that it is forbidden to smoke and make noise that disturbs the environment of the hotel and/or its other guests, both in common areas of the hotel and in the rooms at any time.
Sexual behavior of any kind is not acceptable in the common areas of the hotel or in places where other guests have visibility of it, such as balconies or terraces of the rooms. This situation may result in immediate expulsion of guests without refund or rescheduling.
Note 1: In case the guest authorizes to receive visitors at the hotel, he/she must inform the front desk and pay the corresponding value of the PASADÍA, and the visitor must leave the hotel facilities before 5:00 PM; in case the visitor stays after the indicated time, the guest must pay the value corresponding to the additional person for the night.
Note 2: The use of any type of device that plays music or videos with loudspeakers is not permitted regardless of the volume at which it is used.
Note 3: Vaping is allowed anywhere in the hotel.

Pet and wildlife management policy

We are a pet friendly hotel only for dogs and cats. The value per pet will be additional and for a value of TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND PESOS ($25.000) Colombian pesos (or its equivalent in dollars) per night.
The appropriation, mistreatment or exploitation of animals, wild fauna and flora found in the area of the hotel is not authorized. In this case, the hotel will impose a sanction on the guest and will report such conduct to the competent entity.
Note 1: In case the guest wishes to share his/her stay with his/her pet, he/she must leave a deposit at the front desk and in cash in the amount of THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS ($300,000) Colombian pesos (or its equivalent in dollars). This deposit will be made effective when damages or dirt in the room are verified, otherwise it will be returned at the time of check-out.
Note 2: Pets are not allowed on the beds in the room.
Note 3: The use of a leash or collar for pets is mandatory during their stay in the property, corridors and common areas. And in the case of canines designated by law as potentially dangerous, they must also be provided with a muzzle and the corresponding permit (Law 2054 of 2020).
Note 4: In any case, the hotel shall not be liable for damages that may be caused by a pet of a guest to other users, taking into account the conditions under which their stay in the property is required. The same shall apply to cases involving non-domesticated animals found in the hotel area, as these are alien to the establishment.

Penalties and fines

Please note that failure to comply with these specifications or any other stipulated in the hotel’s internal regulations will result in the immediate eviction of the entire group or the guest who incurs in any of these faults, without the right to any refund.
That failure to comply with any of our policies outlined herein or those prohibitions that are expressly found in the law, will result in our hotel may impose fines and penalties to guests that may range between one (1) and ten (10) legal monthly minimum wages in force or even immediate expulsion, according to the severity of the conduct, without prejudice to the possibility of adding the damages that may result from damage to the structure and property of the hotel.
These penalties will be informed to the client and will be immediately charged to the credit card or payment method informed by the client at the time of check-in in favor of ÉTEKA BEACH, according to the authorization signed by the guest at the time of check-in at the front desk.
Note 1: In case of violating the rule of expected behavior by disturbing the environment of the hotel and/or its other guests, the hotel will impose a fine in the amount of ONE MILLION PESOS ($1,000,000) Colombian pesos or its equivalent in dollars. The same fine will apply when smoking.
Note 2: In the event of appropriation, mistreatment or exploitation of animals, wild fauna and flora found in the hotel area, a fine of THREE MILLION PESOS ($3,000,000) Colombian pesos or its equivalent in dollars will be imposed.
Note 3: Any foul, threatening, denigrating, discriminatory, verbal or physical treatment of hotel staff and/or other guests will result in the imposition of fines and immediate expulsion from the hotel. In addition, this conduct will be aggravated and will give rise to complaints to the competent entities when such treatment is based on race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, political or philosophical ideology, sex or sexual orientation and disability or any other reason for discrimination as defined in Colombian and international laws. The fine for this behavior shall be THREE MILLION PESOS ($3,000,000) Colombian pesos or its equivalent in dollars.
Nota 4: In case of non-payment of services, invoices or penalties we reserve the right to retain the luggage at the time of check-out in accordance with Articles 1197, 1198 and 1199 of the Commercial Code, for which an inventory of the luggage must be made with witnesses, and for this purpose, a record will be made where the relevant; if the causes of non-payment persist for more than (24) hours from the completion of this inventory, will result in the public auction of the goods under the terms of Article 1199 of the same regulations.

Grounds for exoneration from liability of the hotel

ÉTEKA BEACH shall not be liable civilly, commercially or criminally, either contractually or extra-contractually, to its guests when the following circumstances occur:
  • During the transportation by boat to and from the hotel, since this is a service provided by personnel outside our company. This includes what may occur in the access and descent of the maritime transport.

  • When the guest does not inform us of any allergies or medical conditions that may affect his/her stay at the time of check-in.

  • When the guest suffers any type of accident or death due to the use of the KAYAKS and PADDLE BOARD that are in the hotel.

  • For the prices of products or services, quality, behavior or biosecurity elements of the informal vendors that are on the beach of the hotel, as these are alien to our staff.


Right of admission

Our hotel may reserve its right of admission when the booker or the guest engages in conduct of rude, threatening, denigrating, discriminatory, whether verbal or physical, against the hotel staff and / or other guests.

Communication to our guests

Billing for accommodation and lodging services in the year 2023

Taking into account the entry into force as from January 1, 2023 of Law 2277 of 2022 – Tax Reform, it should be noted that as from this date the 19% VAT rate on tourist accommodation and lodging services will return.
Therefore, we hereby inform our guests in general of the following:
  • That the lodging and accommodation service is billed for the actual provision of the service, therefore, the VAT rate in effect on the date the service is provided must always be charged. In other words, regardless of whether the reservation was made before the end of the year, all reservations made for 2023 will vary in value because the general rate of 19% VAT must be included on the agreed amount.

  • Now, if the provision of the lodging and accommodation service is generated on days in 2022 and others in 2023, the invoicing will be made as follows:

    • Until December 31, 2022 the tariff will be VAT exempt.
    • As of January 1, 2023, the 19% rate will be included.

  • In the event that the guest is required to be billed separately for the services and that they contain the rate variation due to the change of year, the hotel may issue two (2) invoices that apply separately what by law applies for one year and for the other.

  • The foregoing shall also apply in the event that reservations have been made with advance payment for the celebration of events at the hotel, in which VAT shall be included and consequently there will be a change in the rate. The above taking into account that the service will be rendered after January (01), 2023.

    Therefore, if this circumstance affects the celebration of the lodging service or the celebration of an event and as a consequence the client wishes to cancel his/her reservation, he/she must take into account the policies established by the hotel for such situations, which apply without any variation whatsoever.